I don’t want to say that I’m suffering from a migraine but this headache has gone on for far to many days. Two days to many in fact.
Two days of lightning striking my temples and then turning into a ball peen hammer striking my temples and then nothing and then a dull ache and then a ball peen hammer and, well, you get the idea. And this is with the constant ache of my eyes.
But I will fight this and I will win and I will never have this happen to me again and then I can say that I do not suffer from migraines.
Because migraines are only migraines if they are reacurring, no?
I have learned though that I do not enjoy lying on a couch with a cold compress over my eyes, I feel rather useless when doing so. Sitting in a JFK Rocker with the New Yorker is more inline with my idea of relaxing.
I’ve also learned that Bufferin is a miracle drug, at least in comparison with Ibuproufin and Aspirin.
I’ve also learned that there is something satisfying about signing yourself out during third or fourth period to walk home, pop two tablets and then sit in quiet with lunch and the New Yorker. And then be back intime for sixth period chemistry.
Perhaps a computer screen isn’t helping my eyes but frankly at this point, I don’t care. I’m just going to ignore these headaches.
And go to bed.



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2 responses to “Migraines

  1. A migraine does not have to be recurrent to be classified as one. From your description you had one. I have suffered with them since I was 11 – I am now 46 and I get them daily. Bufferin is asprin – just “buffered” for your stomach. In the future – asprin with caffeine is helpful. There is a product called Excedrin/Migraine which is asprin with caffeine. If you find that you are self medicating frequently with over the counter meds then you run the risk of “rebound’ migraines. Those are migraines that come back because the medicine wore off. Ice and laying down in a room minus the things that hurt such as sound or noise, is also the next best thing you could do. I do hope you don’t have anymore – they are awful !

    • CanIRideMyHorseInHeaven, thanks for the response. Right now the idea of facing migraines for the rest of my life like one of my parents is something that I’m trying to pretend will never happen. I really do appreciate what you wrote,


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