Call Me Old Fashioned But…

…people who live in New England should never leave New England.

…pages are for flipping through, not for clicking on.

…L.O.L. still means, well, absolute gibberish.

……dancing is a set movement to certain musics, not an orgy.

…black umbrellas are still the best umbrellas (unless the umbrella in question has some absolutely fantastic pictures on it, like Van Gogh’s Irises.)



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2 responses to “Call Me Old Fashioned But…

  1. Call you old-fashioned? Of course. 😛

    I’d agree with all of them except for the fourth – dancing doesn’t have to be a “set” movement. And it could be an orgy if you’re so inclined. But a bit of grace makes it art rather than craft.

    (I’ve never in my life sent a text message, owned a cell phone, used a BlackBerry, or had a MySpace, Facebook, or Twitter account, and, by gods, it’s going to stay that way.)

    May I put you in my blogroll, pretty-please?

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