What I Do When I Get Online

I really hadn’t intended for this blog to be a list of what I do all day (and it isn’t) but that doesn’t stop me from posting this:

When I boot up the internet (I don’t know if this is the right term or not but it is a fun term, is it not?) I go to these pages in rapid-fire-new-tabs order:

  1. Gmail
  2. Facebook
  3. My A.O.L. e-mail account, also known as my Star Trek e-mail account where all of my Star Trek P.B.E.M. mail is delivered
  4. WordPress

I don’t know if this worries me, amuses me or just interests me (actually that’s not true, it’s all three) but I am fascinated by how conditioned I am to check these the instant I get online.

Well, that was a short post.



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6 responses to “What I Do When I Get Online

  1. Oh? Which Star Trek PBEM game are you involved with?

  2. Ahh cool. How long have you been simming out of interest? (Is “simming” even the correct term?)

    • I’ve been simming for, oh, three years or so. On and off, (I’m really picky about my simms, I left one a few months ago because the Captain drank Mountain Dew.)

      And yes, simming is definitely the right word even though the instant spell check doesn’t believe it is a real word.

  3. Haha that’s a very specific thing to quit over! I normally look at how fun the story is, how active the group is, and how friendly the other players are.
    I’ve been simming for 10 years now, I love it!

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