The Vagina Monologues

The Vagina Monologues. T-23 minutes and counting. I am so excited.

I mean, I could just be excited because my mother is performing but then again, I was this excited before she found out she had to fill in this morning.

I’m not sure why I get this excited over the Vagina Monologues. I think it stems back to my frustration with the fact that the society I live in is so extremely tight-lipped on the subject of vaginas and other things related to… you know… down there… Oh hell, related to the groins and things that we can do with them.

I say that we take a day and just talk all day about genitals and masturbation and S.T.D.s and sex and anything else we can think of that relates. And then the next year we do a week. Then a month. And then in just four short years we spend all year talking about it.

Because doesn’t that seem more healthy than keeping mum on the subject our whole lives?

T-16 minutes and counting…



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3 responses to “The Vagina Monologues

  1. Dear Lady Jane,

    You are awesome. If I may quote Fred Barton: “You’re the woman I’d wanna be/If I wanted to be a woman.”

    Except I am a woman. Oh well. Details, details.

    I agree one hundred per cent. Why are Americans so afraid of this stuff? (Why do we let the Christian right run our sex-ed programs?)

    • Wait, _your mom is performing?!_ That makes my morning. Video footage???

      It’s 11:11. Make a wish!

    • machetemayhem

      Thank you Nonnie,

      I don’t know about the idea of Christians running our sex-ed programs, I think this is more an issues of the Judeao-Christian culture that we have inherited from our European fore-fathers.

      And Fred Barton, my one true love!

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