“Atlantic Crossing”

Here’s a music recommendation for all you reading this post: Atlantic Crossing.

Atlantic Crossing is a terrifically fun quartet based in Vermont which plays “New England Roots Music”, as their website states. I’ve heard them once or twice before on Robert Resnick’s great VPR show “All The Traditions” but it wasn’t till I saw them live the other night that I realized how wonderful they truly are.

I don’t know much about music classification but various sites describe their songs as, “acoustic”, “ballad”, “maritime”, “traditional folk,” and “contra-dance”.

While listening to them online or by C.D. (buy local people) is quite the treat I would really recommend to take any opportunity to see them live. I know they play at various Montpelier contra-dances so if you’re lucky enough to live in the capital city then that’s just grand for you.

If you’d like to read more about them then go visit their website: http://www.atlanticcrossingvt.com and you can hear their music online at http://www.jukeboxalive.com/audio_play_offsite.php?mid=457861&skin=642576.

I really hope that you take the moment to click above and check them out, they’re worth it.



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3 responses to ““Atlantic Crossing”

  1. drewfbush

    Great post. I’m bookmarking this as it is a very useful site. Keep up the great work.


  2. …do you mean that we as people should buy local things, or that we should buy local people? 😛

  3. Both, but preferably the last of those options.

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