Beauty and the… Jew?

Before I begin I just want to say: I have relatives who died in the Holocaust, I have European relatives who F.D.R. sent to South American because America had enough Jews and I can name (most of) the questions asked on Pesach.

Recently my friend, Madame M—, and I were discussing the odd fact that Walt Disney was an anti-Semite and our conversation took a turn that I’m sure many conversations about ol’ Walt have taken: How fucked up his movies seem when you think about his personal views. During our conversation we began to try and discern what Walt was trying to get at with his propaganda animations; now I’m sure many others have come up with these but I found them humorous enough to warrant posting:

  1. Beauty and the Beast: This was the first one we (alright, this one was all Mdme. M—) thought of and it’s message is surprisingly simple: Beauty is an Aryan and the Beast is a Jew, so remember girls, Jews are hairy and aggressive and hoard things and no one likes them.
  2. Sleeping Beauty: Perhaps our most controversial; Beauty was Jewish and she wasn’t sleeping she was gassed. This film was a warning film on the dangers of not using enough poison, they might just be unconscious.
  3. Snow White: An instructional film for Germans on how to be good Aryans. “Hi ho/Hi ho/It’s off to work we go,” the Dwarves sing, promoting the policy of unquestioning work ethic. And remember, if you question authority the S.S. will track you down and try to push you off a cliff in a thunder-storm, in other words The Queen=Heinrich Himmler.
  4. Cinderella: Cinderella was (you guessed it) a Jew who became too uppity to work for her Aryan employers and snuck off to the palace but thanks to a good German government official justice caught up with her, what makes the story even more amazing was the fact that this S.S. officer only had a shoe to find her with.
  5. Peter Pan: Wendy and her brothers were good Germans who were abducted by Jews who were in hiding and held in their secret lair. It was only because of a tireless S.S. official that the siblings were returned back to their home, this brave man was none other than a famous U-Boat captain who had lost his hand during battle with the U.S.S. Crocodile- Captain von Hewk.

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  1. The Little Mermaid – The merpeople are all Jews, living in an “underworld” (like the Venetian ghettos of old), and for a mermaid to succeed in the world above, she has to change her features.

    I love these! Now I’m going to be generating them for every movie I can think of.

    Also, I think Disney was a fat fetishist. Or had an Oedipus complex. Because a LOT of the early films feature maternal-looking women with huge breasts that jiggle ostentatiously when they move.

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