Oh So Attractive

You know what I love on a person?

A schnoz.

There, I said it. In this day and age of cute button noses and snipping and cutting I find myself drawn to wonderfully prominent beaks.

Well, not just beaks. I find myself drawn to other nose types as well. And what other nose types? Well I just so have happened to make a convenient list of my favorites:

  • The Rounded Male Nose: Pretty self explanatory; found mostly on homosexuals. This is the most generic of them all.
  • The Polish Beak: Thin with a bump like an eagle’s beak in the middle and ending (generally) with ruptured capillaries from alcoholism (that part’s not so attractive).
  • The Caesar: The prominent and elegant beak, the one that people describe as aquiline.
  • The Schnoz: Attributed to Jews (mostly by racists and I would like to point out that it is found in many other cultures) this nose goes out and down, one of the biggest noses I’ve found. Similar to the R.M.N.

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