Disney Princess Smackdown: Round One

(A seemingly off-hand remark from my “real world” friend and fellow blogger (in the physical world and the blogosphere) Nonnie sparked this. For you, dearie.)

The Game: Disney Princess Smackdown

The Rules: Based off of the list of Disney Princesses given by Wikipedia each Princess will be put into a contest of pure physical strength. One rule: No fairy godmothers allowed within the premises. The winner advances to the next Princess in the list.  Each week will feature the next match. May the best Princess win.

Snow White v Cinderella

The brief rain shower didn’t deter these two Princesses from getting down and battling it out for the chance to advance on to the second round. For over an hour these two homebodies went at it with brooms and bare-knuckles in a match that was closer than the relationship of the Seven Dwarfs.

Both contestants featured upper bodied strength honed after years of carting buckets of water and scrubbing down dishes and in the end it all came down to who featured the superior will-power. To those who remember Snow White’s frenzied flee from her would be murder (And who can forget? All that tripping and falling and collapsing, it was like she’d had a nip from the Wicked Stepmother’s secret brew.) the winner comes as little surprise: Cinderella wiped her competition out of the running and swept the way clear for herself to advance onto the next round.

Next Week: Cinderella v Aurora


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