Seitan Ribs? Er…

Last night I tweeted an excited tweet (that just doesn’t sound good- I wrote an excited tweet?) that ran along the lines of: Making seitan, blog post to follow! or something like that. Here’s the blog post.

Seitan: Tons of fun to make. It’s got the therapeutic properties of making pizza or bread dough but simpler and a bit easier on the arms (a big plus when you’re sick with a cold/cough/influenza thing.) The recipe I used was from The New Farm Vegetarian Cookbook and looked very simple. I soon realized that simple meant that they condensed and shortened a two page recipe into one page. After looking up more detailed recipes online I made seitan. That part was great.

Seitan Ribs: One of the things that I didn’t mention in my tweet was that I was making “ribs” from the same cookbook that I mentioned above. The ribs were puffy, dry, and reminded me nothing of the ribs I ate back when I ate meat (how can it be three years this upcoming July already?) After putting on the barbecue sauce and baking for the required ten extra minutes they were less dry but still horrendous. One of my parents did eat almost all of them but I ate Annie’s Mac and Cheese and carrots from our garden. My plan is to make these again but this time not cook them for an hour at 375 degrees Fahrenheit like suggested but 350 degrees and check them every half hour.

We also watched Max and Mona. Watch it.


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