My Secret Agenda

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I have a small confession. Now, this confession will undoubtedly lead to me swiftly being whacked by the Gay Mafia (and no, not in the enjoyable sense) but I feel that the time has come to speak the truth. Even now I can see the Armani suits coming down my driveway for me, I have little time left. Let it be known that before being strangled by a white silk scarf I spoke the truth out of respect for Glenn Beck and his fellow patriots. Here is the truth:

The Gay Agenda exists. And now I am here to spill my rainbow guts out on the cyberspace. The Gay Agenda is as follows:

The Gay Agenda is the fight to achieve equal rights in the eyes of American society, including, but not limited to, the right to marriage, the right to adopt and the right to be discriminated against for reasons other than our sexual orientation.

The Velvet Mafia is almost to the door, at least I finally spoke the truth.



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5 responses to “My Secret Agenda

  1. David

    Since when is adoption or marriage a right? But what does “Equal Rights” actually mean? It means that every person, regardless (of their skin color, sexual orientation, physical deformity, mental capacity) of anything, was made equal in dignity by virtue of the fact that they are human. By the way, this includes those inside the womb. They are just as human as you and me.
    Every human deserves dignity. So I will fight for your dignity. I will oppose you on your assumed rights to marriage (regardless of your sexual orientation) and adoption.
    As for the rest, you deserve that nobody look down on you if you’re gay or whatever, nobody should oppress you, you should be able to have any job you’re capable of, and so on. And as far as I can tell, you do.

  2. Perhaps I did get carried away with my rhetoric but I would like to think that my point is still carried. If we, humans, are all created equal than why are we, homosexuals, not granted equal status under laws regarding adoption and marriage?

  3. David

    Well, you see, that’s the problem. We weren’t all created equal. We’re all created with equal dignity. If we were all created equal, nobody would be poor, we’d all have an equal bank account to start with, etc.

    Laws are man-made, so are flawed, no matter how you slice it. But the facts are that marriage (which religion states is between a man and a woman, regardless of what the state says) has been proven, by and large, to be the most beneficial condition in which to raise a child. It is the ideal. Would you take away the optimum for the child just so you could have one? That said, if there were no more marital couples willing to adopt a child, the next best thing would be for a single parent. Meaning one parent, no relationships. If you’re someone with a same-sex attraction, and you’re not acting on that attraction, certainly, you would fit in that category.

    • I’m interested in your statement that opposite-sex marriages are more beneficial for children than same-sex marriages, where is this claim substantiated? While I occasionally hear this claim I rarely see any studies that back it up and more often than not hear counter-claims that support the fact that same-sex couples raise perfectly healthy children. Here’s one link to a rather thorough study: I would enjoy reading literature that uses facts to say that one is more healthy than the other on the children.

      There may be a religious definition of marriage but the fact that the United State’s government passes out slips of paper with the words Marriage Certificate on them seems to mean, to me at least, that there is a secular and legal form of the word.

      And when I say equal I mean that we are all entitled to equal treatment under law and from our fellow humans. I don’t think we disagree on that point.

  4. David

    There have been no long-term studies because this is a recent thing, but let’s talk about the natural aspect of it. You might believe in evolution, survival of the fittest, and so on, so let’s begin there. In order to naturally produce an offspring, a man and a woman must come together. Not a man and a man, or a woman and a woman. This seems to suggest that, naturally, a man and a woman have something to offer to said offspring. So the optimum, naturally, looks like man + woman = well raised child. Of course, there is very little that’s always true or always false. By the way, I’m not talking of physical health here, I’m more interested in long term mental health. And we don’t have that evidence. I would definitely say that, if all hetero couples who want to adopt children have done so, then the next step would be single parents, and that homosexual parents would be better than orphanages or other parent-less situations.
    Regarding what the state recognizes as marriage, I believe we need to come up with a different word, because what the state considers marriage, and what someone’s faith considers marriage, are sometimes different things. “Marriage” carries different meanings even between different religious sects, even between different Christian sects. As for what the state might guarantee as the rights of a married couple, I believe that homosexual couples get all those rights. Am I wrong? If so, then that’s wrong. I think the problem there is that homosexual couples don’t usually stay committed, and it becomes harder to track.

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