Maybe They Don’t All Need To Die

Yesterday I tweeted a 139 character tweet that ran along the lines of:  Dear men and women’s cardigan shawl collars, please die. I can’t remember my exact wording and since I was up past midnight (thanks NaNoWriMo, by the way you can also go die) I’m to lazy to go and check.

It is now my unpleasant duty to recant my tweet, or at least part of it.

"I just love my shawl collared sweaters!"-Senator Palpatine, Supreme Chancellor of the Galactic Senate and general ne'er do well.

See the truth of the matter is that I don’t want all shawl collars to go and die I just want the ugly ones to go die in a ditch. The collars that I despise with most fibers in my being are those massive bulky ones that look like the ceremonial garb of some Star Wars representative to the Galactic Senate.  These collars are the ones that start narrow around the collar bones but as the move towards the back they grow larger and larger until there’s a massive knit grub laying on your neck. Like a teacher in my school, she has this white sweater with the largest grub you’ve ever seen hanging around her neck.

As you’ve gotten by now I am not a fan of these massive shawl collars. They are bulky and seem completely unnecessary to me. Sure they may protect your neck but a scarf is meant to do the exact same thing and doesn’t leave the front all open and exposed. Some might tell me that fashion doesn’t need to practical and then point to my long scarfs that only get hooked on things and are completely not practical as I wear them loose. To those I have this to say: At least my (few) impracticalities don’t make me look like I’ve got a grub drapped around my neck.

Why would I bother to devote a blog post to this trivial issue? Because in my world it’s not trivial. I’ve spent many an hour fuming and crying as image after image of dastardly collar passes before me on my Svpply account. The real question is if you think this issue is so trivial why are you still reading this?


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2 responses to “Maybe They Don’t All Need To Die

  1. I like those shawl collars. Believe it or not. 😛

    They’re cozy! The more flamboyant, the better.

  2. Eh. I’m still committed to my dislike of them.

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