I… I… I Want an E-reader?

John Calvin

Even John Calvin wants an e-reader these days. --Image via Wikipedia

Confession: I mocked e-readers when they came onto the market. Phooey, I would say,  ridiculous, pathetic, wusses, cowards, begh.

Confession: I now want an e-reader.

What prompted this sudden shift? Well it all started with, as it so often does with me, School Library Journal. Their wonderful tech review had started reviewing e-readers and I found myself going: Huh, that could be handy. I mean, getting books that aren’t in print anymore, buying books on a budget (obviously someone else would have bought me the e-reader) and the general convenience of not having to tote Ulysses around during my day trips (nearly a year into it and I’ll be damned if I give up on it.) But the trouble was that I don’t buy from big stores (confession: I did buy some books from Amazon but I had a gift certificate, what else could I do?) and at the time I could only buy books via Amazon, Borders and their ilk.

Then I had a brain blast. As I explained it to the Baroness a few weeks ago, “If only I could buy them through specific independent bookstores. I would pay my price and they’d make a few cents off my book. I’m a genius.”

And it’s true I am a genius. The one not so genius part of my plan was that I never patented it because a day later I was listening to NPR when they started talking about Google making it possible to buy e-books via Independent Bookstores (storie here). If only I’d copy written  my idea. Ah well, c’est la vie. A few days later I was mentioning this to one of my favorite people, one of the two booksellers at my local IndieBound bookstore, when she said, “I know all about this. We’re part of it.” And I went, “Hooray! I can know get (someone to get me) an e-reader!”

While I am still slightly confused as to which e-readers can work with Google Books (I think most of them can, excluding the Kindle) I am excited to move into this new frontier.

Though there are times where I still have doubts as to whether or not I want another piece of electronic plastic in my life…



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5 responses to “I… I… I Want an E-reader?

  1. Are you sure John Calvin would want an e-reader? He always seemed a bit of a luddite to me.

  2. Just that look on his face in the picture. It’s definitely his wistful gaze looking off into the future and knowing that he’ll be dead before the e-reader ever comes out.

  3. Poor baby. Didn’t he believe in pre=destination and that if you were going to hell there was no way to change that?

    • Yes, poor man. Some think he was rather depressed, I think he was just crushed he couldn’t buy e-books from his local bookstore. Or maybe it was the whole idea of your fate being set down at birth with the only way to change it was to go down…

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