Must Love Books

I want to be the Jack and Avery of Democrats

I love chairlifts because you and your friend have just enough time to get into personal matters but just as things are becoming rather intimate you’re at the top of the mountain and in the middle of a crowd. Recently a friend of mine brought up The List. The List Of What You Want In A Partner. You have one. Admit it.

And because I’m a slightly compulsive list-maker (BBC article about us here) here’s my version of The List.

The List: A Partner…

  1. Must love books.
  2. Must be obsessed with history.
  3. Should be able to, at the very least, tolerate Star Trek, Star Wars, Doctor Who, Battlestar Galactica.
  4. Must be able to enjoy BritComs (really anything British), if not be passionate about them.
  5. Would benefit from an avid interest in cross-country skiing .
  6. Needs to be able to critique writing.
  7. Is required to put up with my moods. (MANDATORY.)
  8. Should probably be neat or I might have to kill them when we move in together.
  9. Is encouraged to enjoy folk-Klezmer-classical music.
  10. Must be able to put up with Rachel Maddow, The Onion and John Stuart.
  11. Has to be a member of their local NPR station. (I can be flexible here, I can settle for someone who is addicted but not a member.)
  12. Is required to enjoy reading the same book together and to each other. (So maybe my romantic fantasies involve curling up and reading pages of Bill Bryson together, what’s it to you?)

Alright, after reading this list I have to admit… there’s probably a reason why I’ve been single all throughout my eighteen years…


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2 responses to “Must Love Books

  1. Oh, worry not . . . I would have thought at eighteen that I would never find the perfect partner for me–I’m quite eccentric–and then, the very next year, I met him. Nine years later, we’re married ^_^

    A brief list describing him:

    1. Has a wicked but bone-dry sense of humor
    2. Loves reading (but has opposite tastes of me, hmph–this makes for good healthy debate)
    3. Loves Star Trek, Star Wars, sci-fi B movies, old sitcoms, kung-fu movies
    4. Shares my religious and political views, mainly (contention on a few minor points, keeps things interesting)
    5. Tolerates my moods
    6. Has a philosophy degree–like me, he’s stubborn and does what he wants rather than what is expected

    I could go on and on… but.. you probably get the idea and I don’t want to bomb your comments with a novel 😀

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