Joe the Plumber In Madison, Wis.

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I’ve been trying to post once at the beginning of the week and once towards the end but right now I’m going to just post twice right off the bat. On her Friday show Rachel Maddow talked about how Joe the Plumber would be appearing to speak to pro-Walker supporters in Madison, Wis. Now I’ve not always agreed with Mr. Wurzelbacher but I was curious as to what he said last Saturday and so I looked it up on the internet (video here). To little surprise to me, I didn’t really agree with anything he said but there were two quotes of his that I felt myself really really disagreeing with him over. I’ve taken the liberty of taking dictation and writing down the two quotes and then responding to them below (let’s make this clear, these are my own copies of his quotes and while I carefully listened to the speech over and over while I copied over and over just to get it right I might have misplaced a word or two, but I really don’t think I have.)

“One of the things we need to do we got to take out of our vocabulary is the word deserve. You know, I don’t know about you-  I’ll tell you what, we’ll use it just once: Our veterans. Our military veterans, those are about the only people in our society that deserve anything from their federal government. They deserve to be treated with respect and honor. That’s the only people in our society that deserve anything.” First of all, I agree that our military veterans need to be treated with respect and honor but I don’t agree with the rest of Mr. Wurzelbacher’s comments regarding this. The thing is that military veterans do not simply “deserve anything from the federal government”.It’s not like you sign up for the military and get a free Respect and Honor card but our veterans earn their respect and honor by serving our country. And the teachers that educate the next generation serve our country, the volunteers who spend their afternoons with the elderly serve our country, the bureaucrats who make sure that our capitol continues to function serve their country and the nation’s custodial staff that keep our public places and offices clean  serve our country. And their service entitles them to our respect and honor. And their service entitles them to “anything from the federal government.” We can quable over how much they get from the feds but their hard work for our nation entitles them to at least a little somethin’.

“They’re [the pro-union protesters] chanting little chants, not really getting anything done. But you guys have made it happen for this country, you’ve made it happen for Wisconsin.” This raised a question in me that might be petty but this is my blog so here’s my potentially petty question: If the union supporters who have rallied in Madison are not really getting anything done then what are the Walker supporters who have rallied in Madison getting done? What is the separation between the two groups? Aren’t both of them simply gathering to express their opinion on a legal issue and exercising their right to peacefully assemble?

And that’s all. Actually, that’s not all. I just want to take this time to express my support for the “Wisconsin 14” (Goodness, as a nation is there nothing we like better than slapping a catchy name on something?) but perhaps that’s going to be another post…


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