I’m Embracing, WSJ, I’m Embracing!

This weekend’s edition of the WSJ ordered us to “Embrace Lace” and the accompanying pictures (most of which were snipped out and put into my manila fashion file) more then inspired me to (original article here). I’ve always enjoyed the look of this airy fabric (one thing I learned from the article was that the Italian phrase for lace translates to “stitch in the air”) but now I’m absolutely obsessed with it. Here’s a collection of  some of my favorite lace pieces.

The WSJ’s Lace Slideshow

[For image sources click on the image]

Black lace over cream.

Metal lace, surprisingly pretty.

Maybe you can't buy this blouse any more but don't you still want it?

You don't even have to wear lace, you can carry it!


The picture might be creepy & stalkerish but the dress is fantastic!

Lace can even be red.



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2 responses to “I’m Embracing, WSJ, I’m Embracing!

  1. Hawt.

    We should have a dress-up day.

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