Sunday Steals (3/13/2011)

Some things I’ve come across since last Sunday that I thought you might enjoy.

Ask a Drag Queen

–From her YouTube channel: “Australian Drag Queen who’s seen most and read the rest. Citing a lack of common sense and sociological hypocrisy, I’ve come online to set the world right, one idiot at a time.” Biting, fabulous, sensible.–

Un-American Revolutions

This is a great short piece by Niall Ferguson (published in Newsweek) about the American public’s deep love for revolutions, a love that can blind us.–

Why Some E-Books Cost More Than Hardcover & Amanda Hocking and the 99-Cent Kindle

–On February 21st I published a post about how much I’m willing to pay for an e-book that was inspired by a post by Nathan Bransford. One of the questions I tried to raise in my post was about how much an e-book costs to manufacture. Well it seems that the fates were reading my blog since Nathan Bransford has two posts that answer all my questions.–


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