What Was That?

Image representing New York Times as depicted ...

I expected more from you, Grey Lady. --Image via CrunchBase

I like looking at the pictures that result from fashion shoots. Does this make me an expert on fashion shoots or photography? No. I do have a blog though and so I’m qualified to spill my opinion and pretend I know what I’m talking about.

What I’m talking about now is a post on The New York Times’ fashion blog. While I’ve enjoyed much of what I’ve seen on the site their “Leapin’ Labels” post from March 11th is something that I really didn’t enjoy. The premise of this alliterated post is something that excited me.  A slideshow showing how “this season’s double-breasted jackets are crazy good”? Count me in.

The four photos in this “interactive slideshow” (I’m not quite sure what was so “interactive” about it. Maybe the fact that you could click the links below to take you to the stores’ websites? Maybe it was the little buttons on the side that allowed you to toggle between pictures? If someone can inform me what was interactive I’d truly love to know.) were disappointing. Basically they violated every rule I have about clothes, photography and life in general (Trust me, I know how pretentious I sound).

Well, they violated my one rule: It should not be busy. These photos featured five models wearing quite bright clothes jumping (thrashing? moshing?) around in front of really colorful city scenes. The effect was similar to what I imagine LSD being like. Often times I could barely pick out individual pieces of clothing as they were obscured by the other clothes and other body parts of the people around them. If the point was to highlight how great double-breasted jackets are it was lost on me as more often then not I couldn’t even see the jackets.

I would like to give the shoot some kudos for including gender-flexibility when it came to clothing: on the second photo I could pick out a cute skull themed skirt on a cute bearded fellow. Overall though I felt like the photos were similar to the photos taken by high schoolers hyped up on Red Bull and enjoying a sunny day out. You could tell that they were having fun but it seems to have been an event that you needed to be there to enjoy.

And thus concludes my rant.


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2 responses to “What Was That?

  1. That is a HAWT skull skirt. I need to track down that fabric now.

    I actually like the busy quality. I did have to look a bit for the jackets, but the photos drew me in enough that I was willing to spend the time to look. (Plus, you know how I feel about busy clothes.)

    • I agree.

      I disagree. (The thing is that I’d never describe your style as “busy”. It feels that when I see you you have one item on that’s loud and then everything is complementary. In other words, you make LSD trips look attractive.)

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