Sunday Steals (5/22/2011)

Well, I’m back. Isn’t that smashing?

Hobbes and Bacon & Hobbes and Bacon II

Let’s face it: Calvin and Hobbes is one of the greatest things ever. That’s a fact. And if you’re like me then you miss it quite a bit. What we have here is an online cartoon’s look at what Calvin’s life would be like twenty years after that beautiful cliff-hanger. It’s quite funny and I feel it’s a nicely done homage.

Perfect In Every Way

You know what else is great? That’s right, Dame Julie Andrews. For all you fellow Andrews-Fanatics out there (and let’s face it, who isn’t?) here’s a Tumblr account dedicated to the lovely, graceful, talented, elegant, Ms. Andrews.

Right now, that’s all from me today but just so you know, I’ve got a few books reviews in the works and some other pieces up my sleeve. See you all on Tuesday.


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