My Short List

Literary Soon-to-Reads. Stuff on my short list...

Here are my seven short listed books. (For more on what I mean by short list just click here.)

  • The Portrait of Dorian Grey (Oscar Wilde)
  • Seasoned Timber (Dorothy Canfield Fisher)
  • The Fault in Our Stars (John Green)*
  • The Complete Shorter Fiction of Virginia Woolf (Virginia Woolf)

  • Ulysses (James Joyce)*

*Currently Reading


2 responses to “My Short List

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  2. Hello Lady Jane,
    You do know that there are never too many books. Simply re-arrange them and it will change your perspective. I love doing that and it really helps.
    Sad to say I am so behind in my reads. What to do! I need more hours a day. You?

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