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Sunday Steals (3/27/2011)

Last panel of the xkcd webcomic "Philosop...

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Well it’s been a really hectic past few weeks up here on the mountain so I had to let my blog slip to the side and for that I’m truly sorry. To make it up to you here are some great things I’ve come across online over the past week.

TRANSform Me

–This has quickly become one of my top television shows and one of the only reality shows I’ve ever come across that I honestly enjoyed. Fashion? Check. Hosts that are a pleasure to watch? Check. Empowerment? Check. Transsexuality? Check.–

Geraldine Ferraro and Her ‘Moment In History’

–This is a lovely remembrance of a woman who became the face of the hopes and dreams of women and men who wanted a more equitable society. Told through a conversation between Liane Hansen and Cokie Roberts, the latter of whom was present for Ms. Ferraro’s acceptance speech.–

xkcd: Beauty

–Friday’s xkcd expressed something that I’ve had a hard time enunciating, that science is beautiful.–

Famous Trannies in Early Modern Times

–So I’m on a bit of a gender kick and came across this when I put into Google “Abbe de Choisy”, who wrote “I thought myself really and truly a woman.”–


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I… I… I Want an E-reader?

John Calvin

Even John Calvin wants an e-reader these days. --Image via Wikipedia

Confession: I mocked e-readers when they came onto the market. Phooey, I would say,  ridiculous, pathetic, wusses, cowards, begh.

Confession: I now want an e-reader.

What prompted this sudden shift? Well it all started with, as it so often does with me, School Library Journal. Their wonderful tech review had started reviewing e-readers and I found myself going: Huh, that could be handy. I mean, getting books that aren’t in print anymore, buying books on a budget (obviously someone else would have bought me the e-reader) and the general convenience of not having to tote Ulysses around during my day trips (nearly a year into it and I’ll be damned if I give up on it.) But the trouble was that I don’t buy from big stores (confession: I did buy some books from Amazon but I had a gift certificate, what else could I do?) and at the time I could only buy books via Amazon, Borders and their ilk.

Then I had a brain blast. As I explained it to the Baroness a few weeks ago, “If only I could buy them through specific independent bookstores. I would pay my price and they’d make a few cents off my book. I’m a genius.”

And it’s true I am a genius. The one not so genius part of my plan was that I never patented it because a day later I was listening to NPR when they started talking about Google making it possible to buy e-books via Independent Bookstores (storie here). If only I’d copy written  my idea. Ah well, c’est la vie. A few days later I was mentioning this to one of my favorite people, one of the two booksellers at my local IndieBound bookstore, when she said, “I know all about this. We’re part of it.” And I went, “Hooray! I can know get (someone to get me) an e-reader!”

While I am still slightly confused as to which e-readers can work with Google Books (I think most of them can, excluding the Kindle) I am excited to move into this new frontier.

Though there are times where I still have doubts as to whether or not I want another piece of electronic plastic in my life…


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I’m Daring!

List of cookies

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First of all, I do not enjoy sharing a kitchen with others. My parents might be lovely but last night’s dinner party left the kitchen trashed so I’m baking cookies and scones in the dining room today. And we’re out of sugar.

It’s that last sentence that lead’s up to me being DARING.

Right now I’ve got it stuck in my head that I’m going to bake these “lovely tuille fortune cookies with a splash of fragrant bergamot” from Gesine Prado-Bullock (link here) and then some cream scones because we’ve got extra cream. As I was setting up my improv-baking center in the dining room I noticed that the sugar cannister seemed suspiciously light.

According to my measuring cup I’ve got exactly 1/2-cup of sugar. One 1/2-cup short of what I need.

A slightly peeved phonecall to my mother inquiring as to whether or not we have a bag of sugar hidden away in the cupboards only resulted in a slightly peeved answering machine message left on her work number so I went to Google. I Googled sugar substitutes and ended up on allrecipes.com where they pointed out that I could try a variety of substitutes. Since I’m in Vermont I’m going with maple syrup and I feel like these cookies could be really good with a hint of maple. Now I’m stressing over the conversions between liquid and dry cups so this is just fantastic.

But, because I’m Daring I’m just going to plow ahead. Because when you’re baking for a Christmas party you don’t need to worry about how it tastes right? All the adults will just be buzzed on eggnog so I could bleed into the batter, bake it and they wouldn’t notice a difference.

Now I’m just freaking out.

New Daring plan! Eat a grapefruit to combat low blood sugar and then if my mother isn’t home I’m just going to dump a gallon of maple syrup into the batter.

By the way: Is anyone else listening to today’s Splendid Table? I’m loving it.


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