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Why am I ecstatic? Just ask U.S. District Court Judge Virginia Phillips. She’s the darling who just issued an injunction on that little ol’ law known as “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell.” According to this article from the A.P. the current ruling ends “the U.S. military’s 17-year-old ban on openly gay troops.”

Seventeen years… That is my exact age, meaning that for my entire life my minority has been specifically targeted by law to limit our rights. Now, I may be a (almost always) pacifist but if my same-sex loving brethren want to sign up without wanting to hide part of who they are then all the power to them!

One thing in the article gave me pause. The President’s Department of Justice can appeal this ruling within 60 days “but Department of Justice attorneys are not likely to stay mum since Obama has made it clear he wants Congress to repeal the policy.”  Now I’m no political strategist but I really want Obama to let this stand. This doesn’t seem to be the time to be making a political statement by forcing Congress to take action. Of course I might just be saying that because the Mid-Term Elections are coming up and I don’t see Congress repealing DADT before the Democratic hold on Congress really sways.

In the meantime I am going to something a little celebratory and forget politics. Maybe I’ll update my Facebook status.



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My Secret Agenda

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I have a small confession. Now, this confession will undoubtedly lead to me swiftly being whacked by the Gay Mafia (and no, not in the enjoyable sense) but I feel that the time has come to speak the truth. Even now I can see the Armani suits coming down my driveway for me, I have little time left. Let it be known that before being strangled by a white silk scarf I spoke the truth out of respect for Glenn Beck and his fellow patriots. Here is the truth:

The Gay Agenda exists. And now I am here to spill my rainbow guts out on the cyberspace. The Gay Agenda is as follows:

The Gay Agenda is the fight to achieve equal rights in the eyes of American society, including, but not limited to, the right to marriage, the right to adopt and the right to be discriminated against for reasons other than our sexual orientation.

The Velvet Mafia is almost to the door, at least I finally spoke the truth.


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Hipparchus and Homosexual Love Brawls

The other day in my Western Civilizations class we discussed how Athens enjoyed their Tyrants and just a general discussion about how new Tyrants arrived with a mandate from the people. One of the things that was brought up was how a lovely Tyrant would install himself, be beloved by the people, die and his crappy sons would assume the role and be killed. This brought up Hipparchus (one of the sons of Peisistratos and brother of Hippias) and how he was killed in, what my teacher described as, a homosexual love brawl.

Apparently H.L.B.s are hilarious as all but two of us either cracked up or smiled or chuckled.

From a cultural standpoint I can more or less understand how this tickled their funny bone. The idea of male homosexuals fighting brings to mind slap fights and crying and being silly little fags.

From the point of view of a person who is attracted to the same-sex (and the other-sex) I can see that this type of humor sets us back, or at least proves that we have far to go, in our work for acceptance as normal in American society. Think of this: Hipparchus died in a heterosexual love brawl. That’s not very funny is it? In fact it’s kinda sad. But homosexual love brawl? Can we get Comedy Central in on this? This is funny stuff.

As long as homosexuals are regarded as comic fodder we aren’t seen as equal.

I don’t like people who bitch and point things out and never bring up a solution. Here’s a solution: be conscious. Think of the joke you’re telling; all humor has its time and place but make sure that this is the right time and place for the joke you’re about to share.


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