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My New Baby

Welp, I finally broke down last June and bought that e-reader I had my eye on. (Read this for the backstory.) It’s a darling little thing. A black touch Kobo, all sleek and pretty and the back has a diamond pattern on it so it looks like one of Chanel’s quilted purses. I’ve put Virginia Woolf on it, some of my university readings, P.G. Whodehouse, Edna St. Vincent Millay, and a medley of other fantastic reads.

Oh Kobo, you satisfy me in countless ways. Actually, Kobo, you satisfy me in five concisely worded bullets:

  1. So convenient! With your long-lasting battery I can toss you in your travelling case (I highly recommend a case, by the way, scratches incurred from not having a case can make it difficult to read.), toss the case into my purse and know that even if I’m driving back from the Retina Center of Vermont I have all my electronic books at my finger-tips. The ease of mind of knowing that when I finish reading a biography of Queen Elizabeth the First I will not be stranded in a car with nothing else to read. (Note: that was not just a random made-up example, that was  a random real-life example. It happened about five hours before I wrote this.) It’s also great for when I’m about to embark on a trip, say to visit family in Brooklyn, I can pack a paperback book and take my Kobo as well, effectively taking along over a dozen books with me.
  2. Easy on the eyes! Besides having an aesthetically pleasing look to it (Please refer back to the Chanel reference.) the adjustable features available for the font mean that as it grows dark out I can make the font MASSIVE and therefor easier to read. This is also useful if you are returning from the above mentioned retina center and have dilated eyes that read large print easier than tiny print.
  3. Access! Say, just say, that you are interested in Andrew Lang. Interested enough that you really want to own more of his books. Now say that you are on a college-student budget. Bummer for you and your book owning plans. Except, if you don’t mind not having physical copies of the book then you can toddle over to Kobo’s e-bookstore or Google eBooks and download a couple of Andrew Lang’s books that are in the public domain for free. Hooray! Free fairy-tales and analysis for free! (And if you are also me then you make a note to buy these books from your local Independent bookstore as soon as you have an income.)
  4. Annotations! Now this might not be a big deal to you if you didn’t own a Kobo touch before a few months ago but up until then you could only highlight text. As of a recent update to the Kobo we can now add marginalia to our texts! How great is that? (p.s. If anyone can tell me how, if it’s possible, to add highlighting and marginalia to my texts put onto my Kobo through Adobe Digital Editions that would be most grand, thanks.)
  5. Did I mention its convenience, ease on eyes, access, and annotating ability? Because I should have, they’re all keen features.

However, all is not rosy in my Kobo world. But for more on that, come back in a week.


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