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99% Reporting…

Alright, we’re down to 259/260 precincts reporting in and (according to VPR.Net) Shumlin is leading with 18,228 votes over Raccine with 18,053 and Markowitz with 17,569. Who is that one remaining precinct? I don’t know but I’m going with Wolcott. Why Wolcott? I just have a habit of blaming Wolcott for anything bad that happens in my life. (Before the horde of Wolcott comes after me: I know many lovely people out there but it’s a knee-jerk reaction.)

It’s been pretty tense in this house. I’ve been pacing and bashing politicians and swearing off politics and not going to work and just generally having heart palpitations.

A few minutes ago Raccine was in the lead and I was blown over with surprise. Raccine? Maybe I just live in the North East Kingdom but I did not see that one coming. I mean, I’ve seen more ads for Dunne than Raccine and he just seems like such a lackluster candidate.

I don’t want to call the primary but it looks like Shumlin is going to win. What does that mean for us? I don’t know. Shumlin is a strong campaigner who gets out there and he seems to have a strong gathering inside the party faithful but he has a huge mouth and a reputation for something of a wheeler and dealer and smooth talker.  Frankly I just can’t see him being able to beat Dubie and that frightens me.

It is my sincere hope that the Democrats pull together and through their whole weight behind Shumlin or Raccine. If we do a poor job this year than we’re going to fuck the poodle again. I have plenty of friends who are Republicans but I just don’t like the idea of them keeping the Governor’s office.

And Bartlett? Well, um, she got 5% of the vote and that’s all I’ll say.


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Congratulations, Nominee —!

Well, the Vermont primaries have passed and boy am I relieved.

That’s a lie. As of press time the primaries have not even started. (They do start tomorrow so if you live in Vermont go and do the right thing- Vote for a democratic candidate.)

I do know one thing, that when the primaries have passed I can finally start breathing normally again.

See, the trouble started when I began thinking of who I wanted to vote for (if I was old enough to vote, that is). Bartlett was my first choice. She’s local and runs her committee excellently and when we met her she was really charming. Than Markowitz started dancing around in my mind. She’s run the State Department well (I feel like the State Department is like the CIA, as long as you hear nothing about them then they’re doing things just fine) and seems very sincere. Than came the Democratic gubernatorial nominee debate at Sterling College and Shumlin looked good. Than came out the Seven Days’ gubernatorial candidate profiles and they all looked good.

This is when my panic attacks began.

Who to vote for? Raccine? Dunne? Markowitz?

Those flatlanders out there (any one of you not living in Vermont) might be asking right now: Why don’t you choose them based on politics?

This is Vermont, our Democrats are about as distinguishable from each other as two identical starfish. True Bartlett is slightly more moderate than her fellow racers but that doesn’t mean much, moderate in Vermont is still pretty liberal.

A few weeks ago I thought I had figured out that I was voting for Bartlett. We had been eating at a local roadside fry-up and who should pull up but Bartlett! And she got and ice cream and shared it with her dog (they even shared a spoon!) and I was sold!

Not five hours later I was second guessing my executive decision.

One of the troubles with Vermont is that we love our incumbents. A lot. And while the current leader in the polls, Brian Dubie, isn’t exactly the incumbent governor he is the exiting Lt. Gov. and seems to be carrying the incumbency mantle with him. Our trouble now becomes who can beat Dubie. And that’s why I had to support Markowitz.

Shumlin’s mouth is going to get him into trouble (he’s kinda the Biden of Vermont, kinda) and Bartlett (and everyone else running) just doesn’t have the state-wide support.

So I’d vote for Markowitz.

(But I’m still supporting Bartlett in my heart.)

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