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Does Anyone Else Miss The Waltz?

Alright, in full disclosure I am not quite old enough to remember when the waltz was truly in fashion but because I’m presumptuous I’m going to pretend that I did not just write that.

The waltz. Elegant, simple, beautiful, organized, I love it.

There’s a certain beauty in something which has very specific steps but always ends up turning into something incredibly unique.

And I’m not just speaking of waltzes but also the salsa, contra dances and their ilk.

For me they conjure back a time when there was order (I’m being poetic, I’m not proposing returning to a strict class system nor do I believe that waltz is “order” but I’m thinking in romantic terms so indulge me.) Order and security, goodness I miss that (nonexistent) time. A time when you could stroll into a dance and instantly know what to do. A time when dances were complete social interactions, particularly contra dances.

I love contra dances.

Anyways, I am proposing something. I am proposing that we who miss the waltz (and its ilk) strike back. When we go to a modern dance don’t go along with the flow, dedicate a song or two to one or two of the beautiful dances of yesteryear. And then get back to flailing. Because flailing can be fun.

But not as fun as waltzing.


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