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Coming Up On the BBC: Comedy

John Cleese (right) and Michael Palin (left) o...

Cleese: 'Ee, Ah wor 'ungry-loike! --Image via Wikipedia

My childhood wasn’t really that weird. I was never abused, I didn’t grow up on the International Space Station, my parents weren’t celebrities but it did have a few quirks. One of which is the fact that I grew up on BBC Comedies. There was PBS of course but my formative television years all involve people with British accents shrieking at each other, falling into puddles and tearing off their neighbor’s shirts. In fact, one of my earliest memories is watching Black Adder (played by Rowan Atkinson) dressed up as a Nun to escape some horrid fate.

By the time I was in Grammar School “Bloody hell” was as familiar as John Cleese’s mustache and I could understand Yorkshire accents as if they were speaking the Queen’s English. This could easily explain my different humor choices than most of my peers. To this day I can sort of appreciate some of their humor but nothing sends me into hysterics better than a dry voice or an elderly woman in a big hat throwing things at her neighbors.

This isn’t to say that I’m an expert on British Comedy. While I do know some of the more obscure ones (My Hero) I was only introduced to Doc Martin at the beginning of the month and All Creatures Great and Small on Christmas Day.

Please know I’m getting to the purpose of this post. In fact, here’s the purpose right now. I present to you a list of my top ten BBC Comedy shows (roughly in order of my favorites):

  1. Keeping Up Appearances
  2. Waiting For God
  3. Fawlty Towers
  4. Black Adder II
  5. Black Adder the Third
  6. Are You Being Served?
  7. Monty Python’s Flying Circus
  8. Last of the Sumer Wine (Not exactly a comedy show per say)
  9. Good Neighbors
  10. Chef!

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Things I Liked In September That You’ll Like In October

”]Family watching television, c. 1958

Drawn from all my September posts here are my recommendations (fun fact: clicking on each item will take you to the post I referenced it in):


  1. “The Disreputable History of Frankie Landau-Banks”
  2. “To the Lighthouse”


  1. “Bones”
  2. “The French Chef”


  1. After I Quit My Day Job


  1. Annie’s Mac and Cheese
  2. Seitan
  3. Quorn Chik’n Nuggets

Margaret Warner:

  1. Margaret Warner


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She’s So Back

Bones (TV series)

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Last night the one and only Bones had its season premier and I missed it. Ridiculous, right? I know. So I just finished watching it on Hulu and it is so much better than I could have hoped for.

After running a few seasons most shows begin to run out of original material and either close up or completely shake things up and then peter out, it is the rare show that does neither but instead finds new and exciting, yet still logical, plot twists. Last night I was thrilled to see my loves The Office and 30 Rock do the latter and was even pleasantly surprised to find that I enjoyed an entire episode of Community as well (Betty White? Anthropology? Dear Goodness, that’s good!). It was my worry that Bones was going to go the second direction (that’s the peter out direction.) The melodramatic season finale had me worried that when everyone returned it would be Bones and Booth all over each other like Bonobo apes.

Praise the heavens that this episode did not indicate that being likely. Instead of a Oh-I-Came-Back-For-You-My-Dark-Haired-Bonopo-Sex-Lover episode we got an episode that gave us logical explanations as to why everyone was back, and gave me a whole new appreciation for Caroline. The characters were still the same, in new emotional places but still the same. The setting was still the same, mostly. And the dialog was still as sharp as ever. The episode also introduced the possibility of moving away from pure forensics and right now I think they could pull it off. They could pull it off that is, as long as we still had the Angelator, shots of Brennan staring at bones with that look on her face and “King of the Lab!”

The one thing I was slightly worried about was the title. The entire episode I was going- Where’s the mastodon? Did they just pick a witty title and then not support it? ‘Cause if they did then this does not bode well. I was thoroughly relieved to see that the final moments not only pulled it in but they made the mastodon metaphors fly like hotcakes.

It is wonderful to think that not only is the team back, but they’re hitting the ground running.

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