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Sunday Steals (3/27/2011)

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Well it’s been a really hectic past few weeks up here on the mountain so I had to let my blog slip to the side and for that I’m truly sorry. To make it up to you here are some great things I’ve come across online over the past week.

TRANSform Me

–This has quickly become one of my top television shows and one of the only reality shows I’ve ever come across that I honestly enjoyed. Fashion? Check. Hosts that are a pleasure to watch? Check. Empowerment? Check. Transsexuality? Check.–

Geraldine Ferraro and Her ‘Moment In History’

–This is a lovely remembrance of a woman who became the face of the hopes and dreams of women and men who wanted a more equitable society. Told through a conversation between Liane Hansen and Cokie Roberts, the latter of whom was present for Ms. Ferraro’s acceptance speech.–

xkcd: Beauty

–Friday’s xkcd expressed something that I’ve had a hard time enunciating, that science is beautiful.–

Famous Trannies in Early Modern Times

–So I’m on a bit of a gender kick and came across this when I put into Google “Abbe de Choisy”, who wrote “I thought myself really and truly a woman.”–


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Australia: Queer Capital?

Just a quick question that I don’t have an answer to.

Is there a very strong queer scene in Australia?

Lately, every time that I look at queer related literature or products Australia (and usually Sydney to be more specific) just pops up. The magazine DNA is based out of Australia and the last book I read on Transsexuality and Transgender was published by through Australia and there are tons of Australian guys on Queer chat rooms and websites all across the internet.

If anyone can comment on this phenomenon in my life than please do so.

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